The Ho‘okipa Learning Center teaches hosting with Aloha. Our mission is to help management and staff expand their knowledge and passion for genuine Hawaiian hospitality: Ho‘okipa.


The Native Hawaiian Hospitality Association (NaHHA) created the Ho‘okipa Learning Center to make the elements of Hawaiian hospitality accessible to everyone in our visitor industry. Visitors come to Hawai‘i for the beauty, but return for the aloha. How does a business take hosting to that level? Our unique series of 24 Hawaiian culture-based classes develops the art of accepting responsibility for a guest and extending an unconditional welcome of trust and friendship – creating an environment where guests become family and Hawai‘i becomes their second home.

This series will help you:

  • Build a sustainable, profitable business with guests returning for the real Hawai‘i,
  • Create a team of employees dedicated to the aloha spirit and a genuine sense of place, and
  • Offer a uniquely authentic experience of Hawaiian culture and values.

We are affordable, accessible and conveniently located. Our primary location is the Bishop Museum on O‘ahu, with other sites in Waikīkī. On Maui, the primary location is the University of Hawai‘i Maui College. On Hawai‘i Island, the primary location is the Outrigger Keauhou Beach Resort.

ETF Approved: Ho‘okipa Learning Center classes are approved for employers to receive a 50% tuition subsidy drawn from the Employment and Training Fund Program through the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations.

Our Faculty: Trainers are Native Hawaiian graduates of NaHHA's Ola Hawai‘i Program. They represent both the culture and the industry on O‘ahu, Maui, Hawai‘i Island and Kaua‘i. Many hold management positions at island hotels and understand how to apply cultural principles to enhance the guests’ experience.

Classes: Our classes integrate leadership and industry concepts with Hawaiian history, language, sense of place, customs and protocol. Participants are empowered to share their stories and the stories of Hawai‘i with dignity and aloha, to connect their heritage to those they host and to transform the guest experience to one of aloha. In time, with enough of Hawai‘i’s hosts sharing Hawai‘i’s stories and extending aloha to our guests as we do to our families, we together transform ourselves, our businesses, and our industry to benefit every aspect of life in these islands.

Join us at the Ho‘okipa Learning Center to discover the true essence of Hawaiian Hospitality.


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